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John Scurr School honours the values of John and Julia Scurr who fought for equality and access to education for East End families 90 years ago. We offer an inclusive and enriched curriculum to develop all aspects of learning for children. We have a dedicated and skilled workforce who work hard with our governors and parents to promote good progress and attainment for all. The expectations for our pupils and each other are high and we strive for excellence in all that we do. We provide a friendly, happy school where children can thrive and succeed. 



Bridget Fagan, Headteacher.

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17th July 2014 

Dear Parents, Carers and Governors,

School opens again for Reception to Year 6 on Wednesday 3rd September, at 08:55. Nursery opens on 8th September for full-time children returning and the new part-timers.


 Classes for the coming year


Year group

Class Name

Class Teachers



Gisli Bergmann,  Sheila Downey



Gill Dolby & John Lacey



Sally Todd

Year 1


Fatima Hassan

Year 1


Elizabeth Bullivant & Mary Williams

Year 2


Su Wilson

Year 2


Ruksana Begum

Year 3


Ajanta Kabir-West

Year 3


Sajida Khatun & Karuna Begum

Year 4


Antonia Debbonaire

Year 4


Chris Avraam

Year 5


Tahera Begum & Luthfa Khanom

Year 5


Shaheda Khanom & Rachael Latter

Year 6


Lucy Kay

Year 6


Jo Power & Tracy Baskett


Goodbye and best wishes for the future


Thank you to Mona Baig who is moving to teach in a school in Brighton.  She has helped the school to improve maths learning and has also taught an after school class for pupils interested in learning Latin language.


Thanks to Maura Burke who went on maternity leave this year and who has now moved out of London to teach.


Thanks to Bill Lunn who has taught in year 1 this term.  Thanks to Judy Bristow for working in our office and to Alison Levy for her learning support.


Thanks to parents and governors


Thank you to all parents and families and governors for supporting the school to help your children do their best and for coming to all our events, assemblies, sports, celebrations, meetings, workshops, consultations  and parent interviews!


Happy Holidays to everyone when they start at lunchtime on Friday 18th July.  A peaceful Ramadan and Eid Mubarak to those families celebrating in August !  Enjoy getting out and about in London and being with your children



And, finally, goodbye from me, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you all through the years I have been a teacher here.  Best wishes to Maria Lewington,  the new head teacher. I hope to see you at assemblies this week.  




I am pleased to say that we have now received the final version of the OFSTED report from the inspection of the school on 1st & 2nd April.  The three inspectors spent one and a half days in school and judged us to be a GOOD school according the criteria published in OFSTED’s Framework for School Inspection (January 2014).


A copy of the report will soon be available - for families and for governors - via the link on the right-hand side of this page. I have shared the key issues with Maria Lewington, the new headteacher and we have discussed it together with the Leadership Team of the School. It was presented to governors on Thursday 15th May and the coming school improvement plan will plan the next steps.



One of the key areas for improvement is in helping our children to read more widely and at a more advanced level of understanding and enjoyment.  There are many distractions for children which mean that they do not get stuck into longer books and develop a love for reading. Please help us to make sure that children have time to read at home and that they go to the library in the holidays to choose books they enjoy.  We employ a librarian and we bring in additional books to the school from the Tower Hamlets Schools’ Library service, we give children reading time in school and we teach reading and comprehension skills, but we rely on parents to encourage children to read for pleasure and to make reading part of their life beyond school.


Thank you for all the positive encouragement and support that we have received from parents and partnership organisations before and during the inspection.  The Governing Body have given excellent back up to the leadership team and staff of the school over many years,  but particularly in the past year,  as we prepared for the inspection visit.  We will continue to offer the best service we can to pupils so that they can achieve their best and enjoy their schooling at John Scurr this term, and into the future as improvements are made.


Also, I would like to praise the children and thank them for their enthusiasm for learning, their good behaviour and for the way they show that they enjoy being in the school.  Those children who were interviewed by the inspectors during their visit, or who took their books to read to the inspectors, behaved very well and were confident.


Finally, thanks are due to the teachers and support staff who work together consistently to provide rich and varied learning opportunities and who work hard to make all children feel included and develop their skills.  You will receive an annual report in July on your child’s progress and attainment.  In the meantime, children in year 2, year 6, year 5 and Reception are completing assessments and tests and we wish them luck.


School uniform for the summer


Children in years 1-6 should all wear a white or pale blue polo Tee Shirt

under their school sweat shirt.  They should wear grey, black or jeans trousers.


Girls can wear a blue checked dress over white or black leggings together with the school sweat shirt.


If girls are wearing a headscarf it should be plain blue to match the sweat shirt or white or black. The headscarf should be one of the pull on ones which can be bought locally.

KS2 Pupil Data 2013


Pupils achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths: 72%

Pupils making expected progress in reading: 93%

Pupils making expected progress in writing: 95%

Pupils making expected progress in maths: 96%


Pupils achieving Level 5 or above in reading: 23%

Pupils achieving Level 5 or above in writing: 37%

Pupils achieving Level 5 or above in maths: 33%

Link to DfE Performance tables: 

TERM DATES 2013-2014

Summer Term

Monday, 2nd June 2014 to Friday, 18th July 2014





To view our Pupil Premium information look in the Regulation Documents section.


Tower Hamlets Creative Writing Competition

The eBook of the winning poetry and stories is now available to download. You can get a .pdf or .mobi edition from the website (suitable for the majority of eReaders, Kindles or phones), and a copy is also available from Amazon.



Class teachers/NQTs for September


Closing date for applications: 2nd June 2014


Ours is a good school and we are looking for excellent teachers or NQTs to continue to help us to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Partnership and parental engagement are important areas of our work. The school offers a carefully-chosen range of opportunities across the curriculum, supported by good resources. We are one of the schools of the Teach East London (TEL) alliance working with the Institute of Education and offer good professional development opportunities. OFSTED inspected the school in April 2014 and agreed with us that the school  is “ GOOD”  in all areas (report on the website from 19th May).  There will be a new headteacher from September 2014 who is excited about taking the school forward with the support of the staff, parents, children and governors.

Word Attachment

Download and complete the document indicated by the link above, then email it to:

Breakfast Club

We want every child at John Scurr to start the day with everything they need in order to learn effectively; a fundamental element of this is a healthy, filling breakfast. The chance to socialise with peers & adults, to keep fit & play also play an important role in readying children for the day ahead.

Children can arrive any time from 08:00 am, until 08:40 am, and they will be offered a selection of healthy breakfast options: a variety of cereals, porridge oats, bagels, juice, milk and yoghurt. A great way to start the day!  The breakfast club benefits from support from the Magic Breakfast Mayor's Fund for London Project. (Please see more information on this link

This gives every child the opportunity to start the day with the right fuel for learning.




Children can now log into PurpleMash (see your class teacher if you have lost or forgotten your password)

Click on the link to take part in Ofsted Parent View



Our April Ofsted report will be published on the Ofsted website on the 16th May 2014. To read it, please click here


Please take a look at our great music film on the Ofsted YouTube Website


Music in schools; wider still, and wider


Parents and children can login to the MLE to find out what is happening at John Scurr Primary school.


If you are not an existing member of our school community, you can access information in our visitors' rooms by entering the following login details.


username johnscurr.guest

password johnscurr



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