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John Scurr School honours the values of John and Julia Scurr who fought for equality and access to education for East End families 90 years ago. We offer an inclusive and enriched curriculum to develop all aspects of learning for children. We have a dedicated and skilled workforce who work hard with our governors and parents to promote good progress and attainment for all. The expectations for our pupils and each other are high and we strive for excellence in all that we do. We provide a friendly, happy school where children can thrive and succeed. 



Bridget Fagan, Headteacher.

Latest News


4th April 2014 

Dear parent or carer,


End of Spring Term 2014

First of all we are very pleased with the progress that your children have made this term in their reading, writing and maths.  We are also very pleased with the way the majority of children enjoy their school life and take pride in the school.


Thank you especially to our gardeners who have planted all the new plants which we hope will grow us some vegetables to eat.


OFSTED inspection

Thank you to all the staff and children for helping the three inspectors to see as much as they could of our school during the two days they were here.  Several groups of children went to meet them and give their views about how the school could be improved and some children read their books to them. They looked at a collection of children’s books and visited many lessons to see the teaching and learning.  They also spent time in the playground and lunch halls.


Although they have given their feedback to the headteacher, the Chair of Governors and the Local Authority, there is still a checking process to go through and their report will not be published officially until early May.  The holiday period will delay this too.

We will let parents, staff and children know, as soon as we can, the outcome of the inspection. We think that the process went well, thank you for all the support you have shown.



School uniform for the summer


Children in years 1-6 should all wear a white or pale blue polo Tee Shirt

under their school sweat shirt.  They should wear grey, black or jeans trousers.


Girls can wear a blue checked dress over white or black leggings together with the school sweat shirt.


If girls are wearing a headscarf it should be plain blue to match the sweat shirt or white or black. The headscarf should be one of the pull on ones which can be bought locally.


Have a great holiday everyone, Happy Easter to those who will be celebrating this festival with their families.  Read some good books and enjoy playing outside and being with you families and friends.  School opens again for everyone on Tuesday 22nd April.



Bridget Fagan and all the staff





Thank you to all the parents who supported their children to take part in Dr. Bike and SPORTS RELIEF EVENTS in the following ways:


  • Helping your children to bring their bike to school to be repaired – 53 bikes!
  • Helping your children to pay £1 to wear RED clothes. We have given £200 of this money to sponsor an ex-pupil,  Tania Ali,  to climb to Everest Base Camp in August, with her university,  in support of Childreach International in order to build a school.
  • Helping your children to raise money through sponsorship of their swim, cycle or run

Children from Reception to year 6 took part, and we spotted some excellent runners and confident scooter riders and cyclists.  The children were very enthusiastic and cheered each other on in each activity. There was a great team spirit!


The swimmers in year 4 swam laps of the small pool and completed a combined distance of 6.1 miles – which was amazing and surprised everyone!


Overall, we raised £700! Some children collected over £55 each in sponsorship and promoted the event to their friends and families.  We are proud of their achievement.


Thanks also to John Moll of Maze Cycling who provided all the bikes and also to Amy Berkhout from Sustrans Cycling Organisation who helped with Dr. Bike and with the arrangements for running the event in Bethnal Green Gardens. WELL DONE EVERYONE!


Attendance:  10th – 14th March:  We aim for over 95% for the whole school every day.

Key Stage 1 classes

% attending

Key Stage 2 classes

% attending

Year 1 Severn


Year 3 Zambezi


Year 1 Trent


Year 3 Amazon


Year 2 Danube


Year 4 Ganges


Year 2 Rubicon


Year 4 Yangtze




Year 5 Aegean




Year 5 Caspian




Year 6 Pacific




Year 6 Atlantic


On 14th March the attendance for the whole school was 96%. In order to maintain this figure we are meeting with some parents with children who have missed a lot of schooling and we are providing support when needed.  On that week,  5 out of 12 classes were below 95%.


New Head Teacher appointed

The Governors and staff of the school are pleased to announce that Maria Lewington has been appointed as the future head teacher and she will take over from Bridget Fagan from September.  She is an experienced Deputy Headteacher and currently works in a Newham  school. It is a really exciting time for our school and Maria is very pleased to be coming to work here.  We have already started a process of joint work and handover which will continue through the summer term.

The School Council were involved in the interviewing and acted very responsibly in asking good questions and listening well to each of the four candidates.  They were excellent and gave very thoughtful feedback to the governors to help them in their decision-making with the help of Michael Kelly.

Thank you to the panel of governors, to the staff involved in the interviewing and to the representatives from the Local Authority School Improvement team who advised the governors on the appointment process.  Governors took great care to get this important process right and gave up their time to work together and to listen to the views of all involved.


New Name for our School Garden:  The Julia Scurr Garden

To celebrate International Women’s Day (8.3.14), we have named our special growing garden in honour of Julia Scurr, John Scurr’s wife.  She was as important as he was in helping the poorer families of East London in the 1920s and used to run food banks and soup kitchens for people without enough to eat. We have just planted vegetables in the growing garden.  Thanks are due to the Gardening Club who planted all the daffodil bulbs back in November.  The flowers look lovely!


World Book Week:  This was a great success, thanks to all involved! The dressing up day was amazing with more children than ever coming dressed up as different characters!


Pupil Progress:  We are looking closely at how well children have done in their mid-term assessments and if necessary we will change the groupings in English and Maths to make sure children continue to achieve their full potential.


Important Dates for the second half of the school year

This Spring term ends on Friday 4th April. School will re-open after the Easter holidays on Tuesday 22nd April which is one day earlier than previously stated.

School will be closed for the May Bank holiday on Monday 5th May and we will close for the final INSET Day on Thursday 22nd May (because the school will be a polling station for elections). There will be a school holiday on Friday 23rd May followed by the half term week’s break.

Week beginning

Special events

10th March

World Book Day events continue for some classes

17th March

Dr Bike will be coming on 18th March,  Sports Relief Fund-raising Friday 21st

24th March


31st March


7th – 21st April

Easter Holidays school back on Tuesday 22nd.


Safety in the play-ground before the bell at 8.55am:  your child can come to school early if they are registered for breakfast club but should not be left in the playground alone.  There is supervision outside from 8.50am, before this time, parents are responsible for their children’s safety.


KS2 Pupil Data 2013


Pupils achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths: 72%

Pupils making expected progress in reading: 93%

Pupils making expected progress in writing: 95%

Pupils making expected progress in maths: 96%


Pupils achieving Level 5 or above in reading: 23%

Pupils achieving Level 5 or above in writing: 37%

Pupils achieving Level 5 or above in maths: 33%

Link to DfE Performance tables: 

TERM DATES 2013-2014

Spring Term

Monday, 24th February 2014 to Friday, 4th April 2014

Summer Term

Tuesday, 22nd April 2014 to Wednesday, 21st May 2014

School closed 22nd May for Inset and 23rd May, going into Half Term

Half Term: Monday, 26th May to Friday, 30th May 2014

Monday, 2nd June 2014 to Friday, 18th July 2014

Inset and staff Training Days


Thursday 22nd May 2014

The school is a Polling Station.




To view our Pupil Premium information look in the Regulation Documents section.


Breakfast Club

We want every child at John Scurr to start the day with everything they need in order to learn effectively; a fundamental element of this is a healthy, filling breakfast. The chance to socialise with peers & adults, to keep fit & play also play an important role in readying children for the day ahead.

Children can arrive any time from 08:00 am, until 08:40 am, and they will be offered a selection of healthy breakfast options: a variety of cereals, porridge oats, bagels, juice, milk and yoghurt. A great way to start the day!  The breakfast club benefits from support from the Magic Breakfast Mayor's Fund for London Project. (Please see more information on this link

This gives every child the opportunity to start the day with the right fuel for learning.




Children can now log into PurpleMash (see your class teacher if you have lost or forgotten your password)

Click on the link to take part in Ofsted Parent View



Read our latest Ofsted report here


Please take a look at our great music film on the Ofsted YouTube Website


Music in schools; wider still, and wider


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